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The Climate
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A new world is emerging, made of new economic models integrating the human and environmental capital. Factor-X aims at revealing these opportunities, sources of new shared values. Are you ready to grasp them ?


Factor-X defines and supports your transition toward a diversification of your value sources by

  • Analysing your activities within its value chain
  • Identifying risks to which you are directly or indirectly confronted
  • Establishing a real partnership stimulating an turmoil of ideas, that become the germs of new opportunities
  • Generating genuinely sustainable production and consumption modes
  • Allowing for the implementation of audacious solutions, future references in their respective markets.

Factor-X was established in 2007 and consists in a team of 11 multidisciplinary consultants. We have established and are embedded in a network of experts with complementary skills. Factor-X is member of Orée, Inspire Institute, the Water Footprint Network and TWEED Cluster.

Factor-X is founding member of the French Association of Professionals in Carbon Consulting

We are entitled by ADEME to implement their Bilan Carbone® methodology and are recognized trainers for the methodology

We work on three environmental sectors which will undertake major changes in the coming years and decennia : Greenhouse gases, Water, Ecosystem services.
In order to increase its economic value while being integrated into our finite world, your organisation can also leverage our transverse competences :

Our values

Ethics and respect : in our daily professional practice, we consistently think about how to act best, and we attempt to always behave with respect for everyone

Creativity and audacity : we stimulate the identification and implementation of inventive environmental, economic and social concepts

Cooperation and sharing : we work with our clients in order to achieve joint objectives based on mutual trust. The collaborative approach involving all stakeholders is part of our working methodologies and contributes to the success of the actual realisation of strategies and action plans

Commitment and professionalism : our team is trained, coached and organised so as to satisfy the explicit and implicit requirements of clients. We strictly limit the environmental impact of our assignments.

Our team

Frédéric Chomé - Founder
Climate change strategy, ethical investment & finance, energy, lecturer and coach, management, physics

Ann Brants
Office management, management of the shared office space, personnel administration & payroll, communication, accounting, management assistant, management of the company's resources and suppliers,subsidies files

Xavier Marichal
Balances of greenhouse gaz emissions
(Bilan Carbone®, GHG protocol...) and carbon footprint, ecosystem services review, impact studies, tools for data collection, development of the Myrmex software






Our environmental responsibility

Water Footprint

Factor-X is its first client! In June 2011, Factor-X conducted a first estimate of its water footprint, in order to inform its clients and to raise awareness of the team toward possible improvements.

Factor-X is a service company with very de-materialized activities. There a very few similar studies, and this water footprint can serve as comparative basis to the tertiary sector in Europe and at international level.

The water footprint of Factor-X underlines the following quantitative aspects:

  • More than 90% of the virtual water associates with our activities is linked to feeding activities of the employees
  • The daily electricity consumption associated with the de-materialized professional activities (computer work, internet) represents an indirect water consumption of the same order of magnitude as the potable water consumption of the employees for general purposes (hygiene, toilet, dishwashing, drinking water…)
  • The yearly water footprint of a Factor-X employee attains 818 m3, for an average number of 225 working days per year. This footprint corresponds to 44% of the renewable water resources available per inhabitant in Belgium. This high water footprint can be explained by the major part taken by feeding activities of the employees in the total and results from our consumption paths massively based on import of food rich in water from other continents. The water footprint of Factor-X is slightly lower that that of an average Belgian inhabitant  mainly thanks to the willingness to reduce meat consumption.

Discover the methodology, detailed results and improvement proposals see here

Carbon Footprint

The 2011 carbon footprint of Factor-X underlines the following quantitative aspects:

  • The impact of finances is a calculation innovation supported by the company itself, and also the major contribution to Factor-X’s Bilan Carbone®
  • Travels come next, and combines clients visits and home-work commuting. This item is under continuous improvement and should be continuously monitored
  • The carbon footprint of one Factor-X employee reaches 5,5 tons equivalent CO2 per year on a traditional scope, and 34 tonnes if financial aspects are counted. This should make us all think about the impact of finance on the environment.
  • For each ton equivalent CO2 emitted by Factor-X, we help our customers spare 8000 tons.
  • For 2012, we plan to keep improving our travel modes and the provision of supplies, but most importantly to manage our finances differently.

Discover all details on the methodology, detailed results and improvement proposals here.